Taking the headaches and frustrations out of your relationship with your Chinese suppliers.

With a long history of dealing with international supply chain services we are well positioned to be able to offer a suite of supply chain services that will ensure the best results from Chinese factories and other first tier suppliers.

  1. Order Management
    1. Purchase orders are carefully read and understood (specifications special requirements etc.) Additional information is added in order to make sure that the order is fully understood and that there is no discrepancy between the order and the product supplied. This includes volumes and delivery times.
      Late or other non-conformance penalties may be included
    2. Orders are then sent to the supplier/factory where they are to fully acknowledge receipt and understanding of the terms of the order as well as penalties for non-conformance
    3. Product inspections are carried out, the timing and number of inspections depends on the specific requirements of the product.
    4. Shipping updates and Payment reminders are sent based on terms and timing of the shipments
    5. Overseeing the sending of documents for the release of shipments (depending on terms)
    6. Forecasting and order planning – in conjunction with your staff we will aid in planning and monitoring of orders to ensure an uninterrupted supply of product and reduction of costs.
    7. Quality verification – your product requirements are set up as the standard against which the product must be delivered under. We will help you to set these standards and will check them prior to the shipment leaving China – our service covers products such as display stands, printing media, inks, scrap metal, electronics and any item that you might want to source from China.
    8. We also help with ink trouble shooting and work with the factory to determine the cause of ink failures.
    9. Defective Product Claims – any defective product found at any of the stages of the process are reported and we negotiate compensation for these non-conforming products. Being face to Face with the customer gives us the power to negotiate the best possible compensation.