Your company can now have a virtual office in China that will carefully mange your orders, making sure that you are kept up to date with the current situation and that the supplier is being monitored and managed to ensure both quality and timing for your orders.

We are able to check the orders, making sure that they factory fully understands the requirements of product and delivery timing. Your virtual office inside of China can follow with the factory on a regular basis, remaining abreast of the situation inside of China and making sure that your orders receive the most attention from the factory.

Do to this we follow procedures that we have developed and proven to be successful.

  1. Purchase orders are carefully read and understood (specifications special requirements etc.)
    Additional information is added in order to make sure that the order is fully understood and that there is
    no discrepancy between the order and the product supplied.

    1. This includes volumes and delivery times.
    2. Late delivery and or other non-conformance penalties may be included
  2. Orders are then sent to the supplier/factory where they are to fully acknowledge receipt and understanding of the terms of the order as well as penalties for non-conformance
  3. Product inspections are carried out, the timing and number of inspections depends on the specific requirements of the product.
  4. Shipping updates and Payment reminders are sent based on terms and timing of the shipments
  5. Overseeing the sending of documents for the release of shipments (depending on terms)
  6. Forecasting and order planning – in conjunction with your staff we will aid in planning and monitoring of orders to ensure an uninterrupted supply of product and reduction of costs.

Take the headaches and hassles out of your order process and know that your virtual office is at your disposal in China!