Our team of experienced and skilled staff we have access to factories and are able to quickly and effectively find the materials that you need for your business – we are the most capable company to be able to meet your needs

  1. Ordering FCL,
    your company can rest assured that the product you receive is checked by a qualified person – all of your risks are greatly reduced.
  2. Ordering LCL,
    your product requirements might be less and varied but that does not mean you cannot benefit from factory prices – you make up your shopping list and we will pack it all into a container and send it to you all with one invoice, – the best prices with the least headaches and risk.
  3. This package includes:
  4. Finding and testing the material that you are looking for
  5. Negotiating prices
  6. Negotiating terms – for FCL
  7. Sending samples to your office for final approval