Product description

Are you looking to distribute a new printer from China and want to make sure that the printer is really capable of doing what it claims to do and the quality is what you expect?
EPIExpertService will conduct a the full test of a printer and testing is carried out over a period of 6 weeks and requires the installation of the printer at a test facility. The fee does not cover any of the transport or consumable costs.
Testing will include:
1. Inspection of the quality of components such as motors, rollers print platted, gantry bar etc.
2. Capability of the printer to run 24×7 and produce consistent quality from day one to end of test period.
3. Reliability of the printer during the test period.
4. Media Handling
5. Consistency of the printer to print the same color and length of print over the test period.
6. Capability of the printer to print at the speed advertised with acceptable print quality
Operation of the printer will be under the supervision of a trained EPIExpertService digital printing expert and a written report of the performance and capabilities will be made available 5 working days after the testing has been completed

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