Product description

EPIExpertService will conduct a full verification check of the ink, usually done once during the initial stages of selection of the ink. 14 Ink properties and performance related tests that give an analysis of the attributes of the ink and its expected performance in the printer as well as on the substrate.
The Full Verification test will identify any weaknesses in the ink as well as give an indication of the possibility of failures such as “clogging” or “blocking” of nozzles, ability to print at high speed, color space and if required outdoor durability on specific substrates.
The test covers
1. Outdoor durability (additional charge and requires between 8 to 24 weeks for results)
2. Large particles and un-dissolved gels in the ink (reduce risk of clogging)
3. Color analysis, gamut, density and position (CIELab®)
4. Ink Viscosity,
5. Surface tension
6. Tests for suitability for the print head (Conductivity for XAAR heads)
7. Other tests cover odor, adhesion to common substrates, scratch resistance and shelf life stability of the ink.
8. Does not include chemical analysis or resistance to fading testing, these can be arranged at additional costs

Each color and batch are charged separately

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