Product description

EPIExpertService will manage your orders end-to-end and give you problem free service of all your orders from China.
The process will be controlled from the moment you place the order until the delivery is made, we will remove the frustration you have of communicating, of delays in delivery and missed or rushed product inspections.
We will help you to frame your orders in the best way to ensure that you receive the product that you expect to receive and there is a better chance for settling possible claims.

This service includes:
1. Correct wording of the PO to ensure the supplier acknowledges the supply time and conditions.
2. Confirm that the order has been received, understood and is accepted in its entirety.
3. Ensure that the supplier acknowledges the PO, terms and supplies a satisfactory delivery date
4. Follow up with the supplier on progress of the order
5. Coordinate the QC checking service
6. Advise on any delays or changes to the PO such as partial shipments etc.
7. Confirm shipping date and actual departure of the goods
8. Notify Actual Time of Departure (ATD) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for shipment and follow up on the delivery time
9. Ensure that all shipping and other docs have been sent and received
10. Notify and ensure that trade agreement docs and forms have been submitted and included where applicable.
11. Notify and help with any price changes or condition changes

EPIExpertService Order Management is designed to remove the frustration of communicating with China and provide an end-to-end service for smooth headache free ordering from China.

Prices structured to your needs and order pattern
Fee can be either a price per order or monthly fee.

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