Product description

EPIExpertService has experienced claim negotiators who can reach into the supplier’s organization and show how the product does not live up the stated standard and can negotiate a compensation for the product itself.
This process is not guaranteed as it is based on the Companies own product specifications as well as the willingness of the factory to back its product

The Fee includes some basic tests that can be performed on the product to check specifications – product specific tests will attract additional charges.
There is also charge based on the final compensation agreement this will be 1.5% of the total agreement amount.

It is important that ALL the details regarding the product that had failed and the circumstances and or conditions it failed to perform be made available to EPIExpertService. Photos, samples and documentation, including PO must be handed over so that a full picture is available for the negotiation.

This does NOT include legal action – EPIExpertService does not provide legal services.

Note – strict confidentiality is maintained.

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