Finding a technology partner that will be able to take your designs and or Intellectual Property (IP) and successfully manufacture using low cost and the right level of quality control.

This service is designed for companies that have readymade designs and or IP and are looking for the benefit of low cost manufacture in China or India. Your company will be introduced to a pre-agreed number of potential candidates for your final approval.

This package includes bridge building that is designed to
smooth communications and that will sensitize you to the
cultural differences and how this might affect your expectations
and communication. This is essential for a good start and to minimize errors and misunderstandings in communication –
this sets you up for a strong long term business relationship based on sound communication and cross cultural understanding.

The full package includes the following:

  1. Project definition
  2. Company search
  3. Background seach
  4. Cultural Education and sensitization – understanding each other’s cultures and business ethics
  5. Translation of relevant documents – official and simple translations available
  6. Translation of written and oral communication
  7. Negotiation of terms, prices etc.