This service is provided for companies that are looking to expand either into China or out of China through an M&A with a similar company. The biggest challenge in this kind of growth is bridging the gap in the cultural and communications differences. China has a very unique and different business method and culture, success in China is determined by how successfully this difference is understood and accepted.

Building bridges between companies for long term relationships this service covers a range of aspects of bridge building that will benefit your company.

The goal of this service is to help your company to build long term business relationships based on sound communication and good cross-cultural understanding.

This package contains the following:

  1. Finding the right M&A partner that fits in with the goals of the company
  2. Assessing the goals of both companies and providing an analysis of both companies to the board in order to help with the decision making process
  3. Cultural Education and sensitization – understanding each other’s cultures and business ethics
  4. Translation of relevant documents – official and common translations available
  5. Translation of written and oral communication
  6. Negotiation support of terms, prices etc.

NB: EPIExpertService does NOT offer financial services, financial auditing and analysis of the target company – we recommend using an international company that has the relevant offices that can comment on regional and or country specific financial practices and regulations.