The biggest challenge when doing business with China is the understanding the cultural differences and how this affects business practice and communications.

Building bridges between companies for long term relationships
this service covers a range of aspects of bridge building that will benefit your company and will set your business relationships on
a firm foundation.

The goal of this service is to help your company to build long term business relationships based on sound communication and good cross-cultural understanding. We will also help you to understand how and what aspects of business, orders, instructions, etc.
that needs to be communicated

This package contains the following:

  1. Cultural Education and sensitization – understanding
    each other’s cultures and business ethics
  2. Translation of relevant documents – official and
    simple translations available
  3. Translation of written and oral communication
  4. Negotiation of terms, prices etc.
  5. Customized aspects that are specific to your business and the specific business relationship you have with
    a Chinese company.