The art and science of translation is translating accurately both the words and the meanings from one language and culture to another. With qualified multilingual translators who are familiar with different cultures can offer a high level of accurate translation that allows for accurate communication.

Translation of oral communication and written documents – Official and simple translation services available. This service is available both for distance and face to face communication, our translators are available for face to face meetings and are experienced negotiators.

This package contains various services that are run and managed by experienced EPIExpertService for your convenience:

  1. Official translation – we will facilitate the official translation of documents with an official translation company, check the English and or Chinese to minimize errors and provide a stamped translation. Should it be required we may also provide government stamped documents.
  2. Simple translation services, this service is provided to aid in daily communications that do not require official translations. While the accuracy is still a high standard the difference is that the translation is not sealed with an official stamp.
  3. Our 1-to-1 translators are screened and provided based on your requirements. From translators with specific industry knowledge and experience in negotiation to translators who provide standard daily translations, your needs are met according to your requirements.