Our negotiators have experience in mediating in conflict situations, these may arise from non-conformance of product, product failure, service issues or a hose of other problems that could arise in any business relationship.

We will mediate and negotiate a settlement that is best for both parties under the circumstances.

Contained in this package is a basic cultural sensitization module that will give you a better understanding of how the conflict could be avoided in the future.

Note: After our negotiators have evaluated the case they will suggest either formal arbitration if this has a better chance of success or will detail a strategy for direct negotiation with the supplier/factory.

The full package contains the following:

  1. Research into and defining clearly the non-conformance or area of conflict.
  2. We will also set out clearly what your expected outcome should be and will advise you of what we believe is achievable under the circumstances
  3. Setting the rules of engagement, who are the contact people and decision makers that must be involved in order to make the discussions required
  4. Translation of documents and discussions if necessary
  5. Final outcome and settlement.