This is an orientation designed for understanding the Chinese culture and business ethics and how they are related in order have effective business relations with Chinese companies. The course will include an understanding of Chinese business culture, how Chinese business men view business, Accounting differences, understanding business licenses and how they relate to the scope of the business and limitations.

The full course contains the following:

  1. Introduction to Chinese culture and how it relates to the manner in which Chinese businessman conduct their business
  2. The importance of Chinese in documentation and agreements, how this relates to the Law in China and how it affects business decisions.
  3. The most important rule of doing business in China
  4. Understanding the changes in China and how they can affect your business relationships with Chinese companies
  5. Risks of doing business in China and how to minimize these
  6. Company licenses, registration, requirements for reporting and how to check on these to minimize ricks and ensure that your business relationships fall into the scope of business that a company is registered for.