dennisEPIExpertService –Is made of  a team of 3 partners with collectively more than 50 years of experience in the digital printing industry working at every level and with some of the leading companies like, Scitex Vision, HP Scitex, TechINK, Triangle INX and INX Digital. Our experience allows us to offer you the best combination of quality and cost savings when purchasing from China.

I head up the China operation, my native language is English. I have more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the digital printing industry and now permanently based in China.

My personal touch makes the difference.

EPIExpertService offers the following services:

  1. Quality checking services – ensures you get what you wanted to buy
  2. Sourcing of new products and or suppliers
  3. Technical Support – an English voice that can understand the problem and explain the solution in an understandable manner.
  4. Supply Chain Management – improve on-time delivery and know when to expect delivery.
  5. Ink batch testing – we will set a specific standard and test each batch of ink to
  6. make sure that you receive the same product each time.
  7. Selecting and testing printers – Help find out if the printer selected lives up to its advertised performance and make sure that subsequent orders are the same level of quality.
  8. Testing and checking display stands and roll-ups
  9. And more …

Services are priced reasonably and designed to save time and money by reducing the failure rate of products you receive.

Hong Kong (mobile): +852 5310 2860

China (mobile):           +86 1390 3059 981


Dennis Ash