Supply Chain Services

sourcinginchinaEPIExpertService has experience in various aspects of supply chain services from end-to-end. Your company can make use of the whole or part of these services in order to unlock the hidden treasures available in China.

EPIExpertService has the experience and capability to communicate with suppliers and factories in order to ensure the correct product reaches you in a reasonable and mutually agreed time.

Delays and non-conformance costs money, EPIExpertService has successfully installed on-time and quality programs with factories that carry penalties for late or non-conforming product.

Your company can reduce risks while unlocking access to the low cost manufacture that is available in China with lower risks and more confidence than ever before.

General Business Services

businss-services-in-chinaEPIExpertService is a western company embedded in China for the specific purpose of being able to give your company the capability to reach into China and unlock the vast range of resources that are available from the low cost manufacturing facilities.

If you are looking to build relationships with factories or other suppliers in order to strengthen your business we are the company that can be your virtual office in China, building the necessary bridges that allow you to conduct your business in the way that you know and can understand.

We are accomplished in finding technology partners and M&A opportunities.


Chinese companies that do not have the tools for building long term and effective sales channels, need help in strategic planning to reach their medium to long term goals or are in need of help to reduce waste and improve profit can benefit from our vast experience and strong business experience.

Communication Services

ordermanagmentsupplychaininchinaAccurate communication is the most essential part of any relationship and when it comes to business relationships with China communication is not as strait forward as it seems.

The factors involved in accurate communication are not just the translation of the words and their meanings, there is a strong cultural influence that affects the understanding of the meanings.

EPIExpertService has more than 40 years of intercultural communications that also include company cultures.

Your company will benefit from the service that we provide that will enable you to communicate accurately and effectively and will allow you to reach into Chin and unlock the benefits that lie in wait for you.

Save money, time and mistakes, we are here for you in China